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Cheer Basics

Cheer Basics

We understand that some cheerleaders and their families may be
new to the cheer world, for those who need it we have two documents
that explain some cheer basics.

Basic Motions
In cheerleading we have a name for pretty much any motion a
cheerleader's body makes. The basic motions are shown and
explained in the document bellow. 

basic motions.docx

Stunting Basics
Stunting is an exciting, fun and yet challenging part of cheerleading.
It involves 1-4 squad members lifting another off of the ground
supporting them in the air. Of course we understand
some may not want to participate and will never make a cheerleader do
anything they're uncomfortable with. Also stunting is never done
without a WIAA certified stunting
 coach's supervision. All basic levels of stunting are shown and explained in the document bellow. 
stunting basics.docx

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